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Want to know more about ECU chip Tuning and engine re-mapping? Click here...

Autotuning UK Carlisle AdBlue

Adblue Removal

ECU Repairs

ECU repairs

Autotuning UK offer a wide range of products and services...

Unlock the potential in your car.

Customise your car to the way you drive. Re-maps for all makes and models, petrol or diesel engines.

For ECU remapping, engine and chip tuning

Increase the profitability for your business.

Reduce fuel costs with more miles per gallon. Go green by lowering your carbon footprint.

For HGV Tuning and remapping

Greater Productivity at a reduced cost!

Advances in ECU technologies have enabled increased sophistication in profiling for almost all types of farm machinery.

For Agriculture / tractor ECU tuning and remapping

Want to save money on fuel?

You could increase your fuel economy by up to 15%. The more you drive, the more you save!

For Economy ECU tuning and remapping to save fuel Read more...

Engine and fault warning lights keep appearing?

We provide diagnostics, fault clearing and re-wiring for all vehicle types including motor homes.

For engine diagnostics, engine warning light fault clearing

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AutotuningUK The very best in ECU Chip Tuning, remapping and engine enhancement.

#MSN Free engine 
Health check with
Every re-map Multimedia Devices


Crash data removal

Crash data removal

Radio audio re-coding

Radio / audio re-coding

Engine warning lights

Fault warning lights

Imobiliser errors

Immobiliser errors

DPF filter removal

DPF filter removal

car alarm system

Security devices

AutotuningUK are based in Carlisle and covers Cumbria and Dumfriesshire